TOP 10 Pre-Engineered Buildings & Steel Structure Manufacturers in Vietnam 2021

Currently, facing the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still breaking out in Vietnam as well as in the world, supply chains are disrupted, investment projects are reduced. The recent decline in the number of investment projects has led to fierce competition in the construction industry. The price of construction materials in the country has continuously increased in recent times, especially steel material industry. This has greatly affected the production and business activities of many industries and fields, including enterprises producing prefabricated steel and steel structural .

Most of the businesses in this industry are continuing to face a lot of difficulties and challenges ahead, even there are some positive signals from vaccination campaigns, the recovery of business activities or economy in a number of countries and regions are recognized positive where the epidemic is under control. According to the assessment, the steel industry still has to deal with the crisis of overcapacity in domestic market, this situation will continue if there is no synchronous development strategy planning as well as knowing how to take advantage of great export opportunities.

In 2021, with opportunities from the implementation of FTAs, the steel industry is expected to have more conditions to promote production and export to global markets. Accordingly, the removal of a series of tariffs will help Vietnamese steel enterprises expand export markets, and at the same time, the import of raw materials from countries in the bloc that have signed FTAs ​​will also help Vietnam benefit on price.

Boasting a network of potential investors around the world, HOUSELINK Vietnam wishes to find a solution to support enterprises producing prefabricated steel structural steel to seek new markets outside of Vietnam. Solving problems in the short term, as well as in the long term, promoting sustainable development also minimize fierce competition in the domestic market.

HOUSELINK is expected to survey, evaluate, classify the scale and production capacity of manufacturers/enterprises of prefabricated steel and structural steel in Vietnam. All information will be aggregated and released as a report with the topic: “TOP 10 enterprises producing pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures in Vietnam in 2021” expected to be released on September 15, 2021. This report will serve as a basis for supporting and promoting marketing activities to potential export markets on suitable communication channels for the Vietnam top leading enterprises.

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